Three years ago, we met up with some of my cousins for a picnic in one of the parks in Putney. Since they all have kids, it was a great place to chill and just have a day out while the kids can go off and play on their own. It was also a time to catch up with them since we don’t meet up very often.

While we were there having our picnic, we somehow had a conversation that there’s a nice park nearby where there’s a good sunset (a little fuzzy on this actually since it is three years ago!). Not too sure how the conversation came about but it might be one of my cousins trying to tell us that the area is a good place to live and have a family? Or it could be since he was asking what do we usually do over the weekends? Since back then we usually head out to the beach or park a lot to take photos, which could be the reason why my cousin recommended Kissing Point Park.

No photos of the picnic to post here but I’ve got a few really good shots of the sun setting at Kissing Point Park near the boat ramp! The pictures were taken on the same day which we went after the picnic.

watching sunset kissing point park
kissing point park sunset boat ramp
boat ramp kissing point park sunset

Ok, I will not spam the blog with pictures of the same thing over and over again so I’ll just post a few “winning” shots that I think it’s really good.

The color of the sky, the silhouette, the water reflections, the people in the photos, they somehow come out nicely don’t you think? I feel like some of the photos even tells a story.

These photos are not even edited by the way! Straight from my FujiFilm X100s! I somehow managed to snap in the right setting. If you know me well enough, I am actually not very good with the settings on my camera. I am used to point and shoot snaps with my iPhone camera which I use the majority of the time. But of course, iPhone photos can’t compare to a proper camera.

Where is Kissing Point Park?

If you’re interested and would like to visit the park, here’s the map of the location.

Please please please, stay home and quarantine yourself for now. But do go explore once the lockdown is over. It would be a nice place for a walk or maybe even a picnic with your pets/kids/family. Sometimes it’s good to go out somewhere different. Just to explore and have a change in scenery 🙂


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