Late last month, Nick and I went to Melbourne for a few days to get his passport renewed. Since the fastest and easiest way to get our Malaysian passport renewed from Sydney is to take a 1.5 hour flight to Melbourne rather than to take a 3-hour drive down to Canberra. Plus from what I’ve heard, the Malaysian Consulate in Canberra is really slack and you won’t even get your passport back within a day while in Melbourne you can get it in a few hours.

So the obvious choice is…. MELBOURNE!

passport renewal melbourne

We arrived at the Melbourne Malaysian Consulate at about 9.45am and it wasn’t too packed with people. Took our number and waited. We were done with the application process to renew the passport in less than an hour! And the staff told Nick that he could pick up his new passport by noon! That’s really quick and effective!

The last time I was there to renew my passport which was 3 years ago… I arrived in the morning about the same time, took my number, waited and got the application process part done within an hour as well if I’m not mistaken but I wasn’t able to collect my passport so soon! For mine, I had to come back after 3pm to collect.

With about an hour to spare, we went out for brunch not too far away and came back to collect the passport.

old vs new malaysian passport

The new passport looks different from the old ones now. The pages inside are blue and the back flower print is so nice! There are also some nice images on the pages in between with few iconic buildings in Malaysia and flowers. Can’t remember the rest at the top of my head at the moment since I don’t have the passport with me now to check. But yea, it looks better than the old one!

It’s really easy to get your passport renewed these days. You don’t even need to take actual photos for the passport anymore. All is done at the office where they digitally snap a picture there and use it for your passport. Make sure you bring your IC along with your old passport. That’s all you’ll need 🙂

If you’re planning to renew your Malaysian passport in Melbourne, click here for the google map/business listing 🙂

From one of the pictures on their Google Maps, it states that they are open from 9.30am – 12 noon for “processing time” and 3pm – 5pm for “collection time”. So make sure you’re there before noon when you’re applying!