Hello again.

So… since we’re in a Coronavirus Pandemic and I’ve been stuck at home for weeks now, I’m starting to get bored and I need something a little more productive than the usual routine that is making me feel super sluggish, demotivated and well… just plain lazy.

I know I’m at home most of the time anyway before the pandemic started but you know… it’s nice to have the option to stay home and be able to head out whenever you want. And not feel restricted. These pictures I found on instagram says it best.

To make myself more productive, I’m going to try my best to do more than just watching TV, playing games, sleeping, and wasting my time away doing unproductive things.

First by restarting this blog again… I know I have done this countless times lol.
Next would be going through some of my old photos and see which photos are nice for editing and maybe post them up online.

It’s been quite a while since I am actively posting pictures on Instagram. Seem to have lost my groove for some reason. My iPhone’s camera roll used to be filled with so many photos of nature, scenery, sunsets, food, and random picture-worthy things but these days it’s just screenshots and nonsense (not picture-worthy at all). This has been going on for more than a year now actually… Not just during this quarantine time.

Oh well, hopefully by the time the lockdown is over I can be out to take more photos and be more appreciative of the outdoors and people. It used to be something that I enjoy doing. Walking around, exploring new roads around my area and finding nice spots or things to take photos of.

I used to walk to and back from work and at times I would just walk on different routes to have a different “scene” just because I felt like it. Walking back from work was quite enjoyable for me unless it rains or if I have to rush for something. Otherwise it’s just great. I take my own sweet time walking around, enjoying the surroundings and also to watch the sun sets as I walk towards my home direction. Haven’t been doing that for almost two years now. How time flies huh…

Maybe I can start taking some photos at home too. It’s also been a long time since I did any of my white project photos or any flatlays. Though I’ll need a white space for my white project photos though… Let’s see how it goes, maybe I’ll end up changing the name to something else rather than white project.

Can’t believe I managed to write over 400 words for this post! LOL. All the while I kept thinking that I’ve got nothing to write about and that my writing is shit.

Anyways, I’ll end the post here for now.