It was my birthday yesterday. Didn’t really do much during the day except some tweakings for this website and to restart this whole blog thing again.

Went for dinner at Sokyo. It’s a fancy Japanese restaurant at The Star. It’s actually my first time being there. The last time I was there, we couldn’t get a table cause it was fully booked. But that was ages ago when my dad was visiting. Here’s some pictures to celebrate the special day and of course… THE FOOD.

sokyo birthday dinner
sokyo the star food
sokyo the star food

Quite a number of people were also celebrating their birthdays yesterday. We were seated at the corner and the two tables next to us were celebrating their birthday dinners too! What are the odds! And all of them were girls, all seated in a row including me. There were others too since I heard the waitresses singing birthday songs to some other tables as well.

I’m not very good of describing food since I do not love food as much as some people do. But all I can say is… the food is good. All of the dishes that came out tasted great. The sauce they used to put the food together, the fluffiness of the omelette egg, the crispy rice below the tuna, and the fresh sashimis πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ.

If you’re planning to have a meal at Sokyo, I would advise for you to book online so that you’d get a seat rather than walk-in. Cause even on a weekday it’s quite full. Here’s the link to their site where you can make a booking.

These photo collages are done with the Nichii App and a minor touch for one of the collage with Over.

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