Back in 2019, my family came over to Penang for my ROM. Since they were around for a few days and I have two little nephews, we decided to visit the butterfly farm called Entopia.

It was a great experience and the kids enjoyed themselves very much! One of them even managed to touch the butterflies and the little caterpillars as well. While the other may be a bit too young to fully enjoy and ended up sleeping half the time in the stroller 😅

Even for me as an adult, had a great time.

Here are some photos from the butterfly farm. Photos were all taken from the iPhone X and edited with VSCO.

I’ve got quite a number of videos too but it’ll take too much space to upload them up so it won’t be uploaded here. But I do have a couple videos uploaded on instagram that you could see if you’re interested. Check my instagram posts out below…

And yes, the caterpillars are real! If you think they’re some toys, they are not! Watch them move in the video above (click to next image on the IG post for the video).

Save it on your IG or Google Maps so you can find your way there when you’re planning your next trip to Penang.