Hello blog!

Yes, I am still here even though I haven’t posted anything so far this month.

I got a little lazy at the start of the month plus I don’t know what to post up since after going through all my old photos from my camera. I realised that there wasn’t much to make a blog post on. Most of the shots were random shots here and there and some of them were taken from places that I don’t even remember which makes it hard to write about…

I even thought I could find more pictures to post up on my Instagram… but somehow most of the nice/good shots that I’ve taken have already been posted before. See if you can spot the same photos on there! lol Anyway, don’t think anyone remembers…

Well, just a little update…

We recently bought a kitchen mixer and lately, we’ve been quite busy playing baking and making stuff.

So far we’ve made:

  • Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • Sausage Buns
  • Cuffy Puff
  • Mini Orange Poppyseed Cakes
  • Bread (I’ve actually started baking this a few times before the mixer arrived)

Maybe I’ll write up some posts about the bakes if it turns out good and consistent. For now since it’s mostly trying out… I better not post anything yet. Except for some pictures maybe haha. Here’s one that I posted on my Instagram yesterday.

If you want some recipes, hit me up! Or you could also share with me some recipes so I can try out 🙂