Had these shoes for quite a long time now and it’s been my go-to white shoes ever since. Back then it was sort of a craze that many women started using sneakers and white shoes so I decided to get myself one too. I don’t think the trend has gone away yet since there’s more people wearing sneakers than heels these days. It’s definitely more comfortable anyway!

I actually have multiple white shoes now… But this is still my go-to ones as I mentioned earlier. The Adidas Stan Smith shoes are really comfy on the toes as compared to my white converse that I also have. Full white shoes are also really easy to match with any outfit!

This picture was taken back in 2018 when the Adidas Stan Smith shoes were still new and clean. It’s not as clean as it used to be now since I’ve been using it for so many years. But it sure does look more “seasoned” 😄

Shot on iPhone X, @ Malabar-Maroubra coastal walk